How to Make the Best Use of Twitter for Internet Marketing

These days it seems that you can’t escape stories about Twitter. With all the hype and celebrity endorsements, lots of people are asking how do I use Twitter?

There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you how to use Twitter, but not so many to warn you of the pitfalls. If you take a moment to learn from this list of useful Twitter tips then you’ll be Twittering away with the best of them.

DO remember to hold your tongue. Unless your updates are protected, anyone can see what you are Twittering about. Bear in mind the story of the girl who Tweeted her way out of a job because a hiring manager read her thoughts on the position she interviewed for.

DONT use Twitter as a chat client. No one wants to see their screen full of irrelevant Tweets from a conversation they’re forced to eavesdrop on.

DO remember to retweet. This can be a very good way to build up a following of like-minded Twitterers.

DONT endlessly self-promote. Okay, we get it you have stuff to sell. Twitter is by no means one-way traffic tweet back!

DO follow back, but.

DONT be offended if people don’t always follow you back. Users with a high volume of followers are unlikely to see your Tweet through the noise anyway.

DO be funny, informative and creative.

DON’T automatically DM new followers. This is the Twitter equivalent of spam and a faceless “hi – thanks for following” is impersonal and can be off-putting.

DO use it to get help from others. Once you have a reasonable following you’ll find it easy to find answers to your questions quickly.

DON’T tweet anything if your message is going to exceed 140 characters. Spreading messages over multiple tweets is just going to confuse and annoy the users following you.

These handy hints should be enough to get you started. If you are likely to spend a significant proportion of your online time on Twitter then there are plenty of guides on the net telling you how to use Twitter effectively.