How to Make the Best Use of Twitter for Internet Marketing

These days it seems that you can’t escape stories about Twitter. With all the hype and celebrity endorsements, lots of people are asking how do I use Twitter?

There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you how to use Twitter, but not so many to warn you of the pitfalls. If you take a moment to learn from this list of useful Twitter tips then you’ll be Twittering away with the best of them.

DO remember to hold your tongue. Unless your updates are protected, anyone can see what you are Twittering about. Bear in mind the story of the girl who Tweeted her way out of a job because a hiring manager read her thoughts on the position she interviewed for.

DONT use Twitter as a chat client. No one wants to see their screen full of irrelevant Tweets from a conversation they’re forced to eavesdrop on.

DO remember to retweet. This can be a very good way to build up a following of like-minded Twitterers.

DONT endlessly self-promote. Okay, we get it you have stuff to sell. Twitter is by no means one-way traffic tweet back!

DO follow back, but.

DONT be offended if people don’t always follow you back. Users with a high volume of followers are unlikely to see your Tweet through the noise anyway.

DO be funny, informative and creative.

DON’T automatically DM new followers. This is the Twitter equivalent of spam and a faceless “hi – thanks for following” is impersonal and can be off-putting.

DO use it to get help from others. Once you have a reasonable following you’ll find it easy to find answers to your questions quickly.

DON’T tweet anything if your message is going to exceed 140 characters. Spreading messages over multiple tweets is just going to confuse and annoy the users following you.

These handy hints should be enough to get you started. If you are likely to spend a significant proportion of your online time on Twitter then there are plenty of guides on the net telling you how to use Twitter effectively.

The Best About Italy

When we hear about Italy, suddenly we think of the name as awesome but holy. Yes you might shoot the bulls’ eye, but aside from its being holiness the country of Italy is rich with historical scenery which contributes historical event during the ancient time. Most of the people residing here is Roman Catholic in religion, which in fact in Rome the capital city of Italy resides the Catholic leader who is the pope. When you get to step in Italy, you will definitely amaze with their stunning infrastructures and sculptures. And mind you that almost all of this has a historical background way back on the ancient times. You will enjoy strolling on Italy’s well cleaned streets and wave hi to their friendly folks. All about Italy is worthy to have a vacation or even a longer life living.

A well planned vacation to Italy must consider the best month to go, since there are times that the climate temperature of Italy is not that friendly. So you must be assured that you will enjoy everything in Italy. Try to browse some information in the internet browser which is the best month for a vacation in Italy. The tactics will give you insight of which is the best time to have a trip in such a wonderful place. Actually, the climate in Italy varies from north to south and from lowlands to mountains. During spring season, storms eventually developed and lean to end to autumn which made the summer as the wettest period. While on the northern regions of Italy experienced chilly winters, hot summers and at the same time regular rain distribution, and in the south the temperature became milder.

You will immediately catch Italy’s culture through looking to their magnificent structures, sculptures and paintings. You will notice that most of the buildings, churches or even trains in Italy embraced with their unique painting abilities. Therefore, people living in Italy loves painting and we cannot deny the fact it is already in each of the Italian’s folks the blood of being a painter. We can never separate the history they have been, the culture they inherited since the evidence is pretty obvious. The best with the Italian, since they are appointed as the inventor of the piano as well as our system musical details, and touching about their cuisine hmm so yummy, the north area of Italy are addicted in serving foods that composes mostly of cream, while on the south usually serves hot and spicy specialties.

Getting in Italy is as easy as traveling through buses if ever you are just in the nearby region of UK. There are many available buses in going to Italy, but truly riding a bus from UK to Italy is quite tiring. If you want you can have the choice of traveling through airplanes. There are also ferries that will cater you from your place to the targeted area. Or maybe try to have an experience journeying in railways with their prestigious trains. Anyway, its up to your choice where you think is the best accommodation for you. Your travel to Italy will exactly a different experience you have never yet encountered since before.